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What is a temporary stop notice?

This is similar to a stop notice. It can require operations, a use of land (other than as a dwelling), etc to cease. Failure to comply with it is a criminal offence. There is no right of appeal against it. In some circumstances compensation may be payable to the person on whom it has been served. Unlike with an "ordinary" (as opposed to temporary) stop notice, there does not have to be an enforcement notice in place relating to the same breach of planning control, however. Furthermore, the notice has immediate effect when served, but it can only prevent activity, etc for up to 56 days. If the authority wants the prohibited activity to cease for more than 56 days, they must serve an enforcement notice and a “ordinary” stop notice within the 56-day period.

Where a temporary stop notice was issued before 25 April 2024, the expiry time limit was 28 days instead of 56 days.

Similar provisions apply to unauthorised works affecting the character of a listed building.   


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